Duties of the County Commission

Fiscal Oversight

Upholding financial integrity, County Commissioners meticulously manage county tax dollars. They formulate annual budgets and determine property tax rates in accordance with state regulations.

Infrastructure Maintenance

Ensuring the county seat’s functionality, County Commission maintains the courthouse complex to optimal standards, providing a hub for administrative activities.

Elected Officials’ Support

By law, County Commissioners allocate resources for vital elected officials such as the Prosecuting Attorney, County Clerk, County Circuit Clerk, Sheriff, and County Assessor, ensuring the smooth operation of these offices.

Community Appointments

Commission members appoint representatives to local boards, authorities, and public service districts. This involvement underscores their dedication to community representation.

Community Services

Nurturing community well-being, County Commission oversee services like health departments, emergency response agencies, libraries, E911 centers, waste management, and recreational facilities.

Advocacy for State Funding

County Commissioners ardently advocate for state funding of local programs, bridging gaps where state mandates may outpace funding provisions.

Taxpayer Concerns

Providing a platform for property value disputes, the County Commission acts as the Board of Review and Equalization, adjusting values based on hearings with taxpayers and the County Assessor.

Election Supervision

Overseeing elections, County Commissioners certify results, fund poll workers, and review outcomes for accuracy.

Regional Jail Management

With a commitment to public safety, County Commission allocates funding for regional jails, essential for maintaining security across the state.

Economic Development

Collaborating with local and state agencies, County Commissioners actively seek avenues for economic growth, partnering to attract businesses and create jobs.

Accessible Guidance

Positioned as the “front line” of local government, County Commissioners are accessible to address concerns and provide valuable guidance to residents, ensuring community cohesion.


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