911 Advisory Board

The Putnam County 911 Advisory Board exists per West Virginia Code §24-6-5.

Each county or municipality shall appoint for each answering point an enhanced emergency telephone system advisory board consisting of at least six members to monitor the operation of the system. The board shall be appointed by the county or municipality and shall include at least one member from the affected:

Fire Service Providers

Law Enforcement providers

Emergency Medical Providers

Emergency Services Providers Participating in the System

Counties or Municipalities

The director of the county or municipal enhanced telephone system shall serve as an ex officio member of the advisory board.

All appointments to the advisory board shall be for terms of three years, except that an appointment to fill a vacancy shall be for the unexpired term. All members shall serve without compensation. The board shall adopt any policies, rules, and regulations necessary for its own guidance. The board shall meet monthly or quarterly. The board may make recommendations to the county or municipality concerning the operation of the system.

Putnam County 911 Advisory Board Members

Rich Pullin
Fire Department Representative

Kraig Barker
EMS Representative

Sheriff Bobby Eggleton
Sheriff’s Office Representative

Sargent T.W. Tippett
State Police Representative

Chief W.M. Mullin
Municipal Law Enforcement Representative

Thomas Keefer
Citizen Representative

Wanda Marks
Citizen Representative


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