Enhance Emergency Response with Smart911 & Rave Alert System

Smart911 & Rave Alert System

Ensure first responders have information about you and your family with Smart911 & Rave Alert. These services are free, and your information is kept private and secure. To learn more or register, visit our Smart911/Rave Alert page for more information about these services and how to register.


Putnam County 911 offers a free service to help you when you call 911. Smart911 is also used by 911 centers in our neighboring jurisdictions. If you live, work, or visit Putnam County, you should be signed up for Smart911 so we can better help you in an emergency.

Once signed up, first responders will be provided with important information that will help them address your emergency. This information—including photos, medical issues/history, and current location—can help Police, Fire, and EMS locate and help you. The information you provide is kept private and secure.

Rave Alert

Rave Alert is Putnam County’s new notification system. This dynamic, multi-function notification system allows Putnam County 911 and Office of Emergency Management to notify residents of emergency situations or disasters in our community. Utilizing your Smart911™ profile you create, Rave Alert allows you to register for those notifications most pertinent to you, from road closures and vehicle crashes to hazardous material spills and missing persons. You will receive focused messaging geared specifically to your information and safety needs.

Are You Ready for Emergencies?

How does Smart911 help?

Better-informed first responders are better equipped to help you. With Smart911, paramedics are aware of critical medical information such as Alzheimer’s or allergies. Police have children’s photos in case of an Amber Alert and Fire Fighters know household details, ensuring that everyone is rescued during an evacuation—even pets.

How does Smart911 work?

The software provides citizens with the ability to enter information that they want to make available to 911 emergency telecommunicators through a secure website at www.Smart911.com. Smart911 then delivers this information automatically with any 911 call placed within Putnam County to the emergency telecommunicator’s workstation at the Emergency Communications Center.

What details are shared with responders?

You decide. Smart911 allows you to store any critical care and emergency rescue information online in advance of any emergency. Information can include children’s photos, medical conditions, home addresses of mobile phone callers, disabilities, or other rescue-related information. Visit the Smart911 FAQ for more information.

How do I register?

The registration process is quick and easy: just four simple steps! After registering you will have a chance to add optional information or edit the information you provided. It is important to complete every step as the service will not work until you have added and confirmed a phone number.

Is there a cost to sign up for the Smart911 service?

No! There is no fee to create or maintain a Safety Profile.

How can I spread the word?

Protect your family and community by telling them about this free service. Email them or tell them via Facebook. For those working with local groups, employers, or functional needs groups, contact Smart911 for unique tools to help you spread the word.

Is my information secure?

Yes. Your information is made available only to 911 dispatchers and first responders only in the event you call 911. Your Safety Profile is non-searchable and your information will only be displayed to 911 dispatchers for a limited amount of time. In some areas, you can choose to allow Smart911 to share your profile with Emergency Managers as they prepare for and respond to emergencies. If you reside or work in one of these areas, you will be presented with this option.

In addition, your information is stored in geo-redundant databases that are located on opposite sides of the country. In the unlikely event of a database shutdown, the system will automatically transition all of your information to the backup database, resulting in zero impact to your safety profile.

What if English is not my primary language?

You can create a Safety Profile in multiple languages and specify your primary language. When you enter the Smart911 “Sign Up” portal, click “Select Language” on the upper right-hand corner of the screen. A drop-down menu will appear and you may choose your preferred language to create your Smart Profile.

When your profile displays at the 911 center, it will be translated back into English. If an interpreter is required, the 911 dispatcher will be able to see which language you designated as your primary language.


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