Dedicated to Prompt & Professional Emergency Treatment & Transportation Services

Putnam EMS is dedicated to delivering prompt and professional emergency treatment and transportation to individuals facing medical emergencies in Putnam County, WV. Our team of skilled personnel is committed to ensuring you receive the essential medical attention you require.

At Putnam EMS, our primary objective is to offer top-notch emergency medical services across the entirety of Putnam County. Our well-recognized gold and white vehicles are a familiar sight throughout the region, serving as a symbol of our commitment to the community’s well-being.

Putnam County EMS aid

Guaranteeing the Best Possible Care

Our Advanced Life Support units (ALS), licensed by the state of West Virginia, are equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment, enabling us to deliver the highest standard of pre-hospital emergency care. Onboard, you will find a team of highly trained Paramedics and EMTs, who undergo rigorous training and continuous education to guarantee the best possible care for the residents of Putnam County.

How Are We Doing?

We pride ourselves on providing the best emergency care possible in all situations. Please complete our Patient Satisfaction Survey to let us know about your experience.

Billing & Medical Records


We bill through a third-party company, Medical Claims Assistance:

For billing-related questions:
1 (800) 676-4785

Medical Records Request

Please email:

Fax Requests:
1 (304) 521-1561


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