Sustaining Fire Services for the Residents of Putnam County

The Putnam County Fire Fee Ordinance is a crucial mechanism that ensures the sustainable operation of the Fire Departments within the county. This ordinance defines two distinct pay schedules, one for Commercial properties and another for Residential (non-commercial) properties.

The revenue generated from the fire fees plays a pivotal role in maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of the Fire Departments across Putnam County. These funds are utilized to cover a range of essential expenses, including utilities, insurance, worker’s compensation, facility maintenance, equipment and apparatus repairs, comprehensive training programs, operational services, preventive maintenance, inspections, fuel costs, and administrative expenditures. Such allocations ensure that the fire stations are well-equipped, and the dedicated firefighters are equipped with the necessary resources to serve and protect the community effectively.

This fee is only enough to cover operating expenses to keep the stations open. The stations search heavily for grants and other funding sources to produce the difference for items such as firefighter gear, rescue tools, and equipment such as hoses. Your stations need your support to help cover the rising costs of expenses for both operations and the tools needed to protect life and property.

Residential Square Footage Schedule

Square Footage


0-2500 $37.50
2501 & Above $45

Residents of Putnam County play a vital role in supporting the fire service through their contribution to the fire fee based on a rate schedule determined by the square footage of their properties. By participating in this funding system, residents actively invest in the safety and well-being of their communities, helping to create the standard of fire protection services throughout the county.

Through adherence to the Fire Fee Ordinance, Putnam County continues to reinforce its commitment to safeguarding lives and property, ensuring that the Fire Departments remain adequately funded and prepared to respond promptly and efficiently to emergencies.

Today, volunteer fire departments face a declining membership nationwide as volunteers become harder and harder to find. Your support, participation, and understanding of the current and future needs will help create the level of protection our county deserves and expects. Something like that to stress involvement with present needs.


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