Putnam County Prosecutor’s Office’s Mission of Protection and Accountability

At the Putnam County Prosecutor’s Office, our primary goal is to protect the health and property of the citizens of Putnam County. We are committed to upholding justice, ensuring public safety, and representing the interests of our community.

We work closely with the law enforcement community, serving as both an investigative resource and a legal advisor when there are questions regarding the interpretation of the law. By collaborating with law enforcement agencies, we strive to build strong cases against offenders and bring them to justice.

Our office is dedicated to holding individuals accountable for their actions when they choose to offend our community. We believe that by seeking justice for victims and their families, we contribute to a safer and more secure Putnam County.

No Tolerance for Domestic Violence

The Prosecutor’s office is prepared to work closely with the law enforcement community as an investigator and prosecutor in domestic violence cases.

No Tolerance for Illegal Drug Activity

The Prosecutor’s office is dedicated to reducing the illegal drug trafficking and use in Putnam County. Persons seeking to use or move illegal drugs in the county should take notice that Putnam County will have no tolerance for this activity.

No Tolerance for Cyber Crime

The Prosecutor’s office has a broad definition of “Cyber Crime”: Identity theft, child pornography, cyber bullying, credit card fraud, and cyber stalking are all included in the definition. The Prosecutor understands the value and depth of information that is provided by the Internet but believes that Cyber Crime is an offense against the community and will seek action in cases that are discovered within the county.

Legal Advice & Counsel

While we are here to serve the community’s best interests, we must clarify that the Putnam County Prosecutor’s Office is not available to offer legal advice to citizens, except in very rare events. Our role is to represent the community at large, not individuals in a personal capacity. If you require legal advice, we recommend seeking the counsel of a qualified attorney who can provide personalized assistance.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. The content on this site is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship. Any reliance on the information presented on this website is at your own risk. For specific legal advice pertaining to your individual situation, we strongly advise consulting with a licensed attorney.


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