Duties of the Assessor

The assessor of Putnam County has the important responsibility of establishing property values for both real estate and personal belongings throughout the county. Every three years, a comprehensive countywide appraisal is conducted to determine the fair market value of properties in each jurisdiction. However, farmland and managed timberland receive special valuation considerations and are excluded from this process.

In preparation for this assessment, the Assessor’s office mails Personal Property Assessment forms to taxpayers on July 1st, which must be completed and returned by October 1st. It is legally required for every property owner to report their personal property to the Assessor’s office annually.

As part of their duties, the Assessor maintains official records of County tax maps, encompassing the entire county. These maps delineate property boundaries, dimensions, and areas, and assign numbers to specific parcels or lots, facilitating easy reference to the relevant records.

Farm Discount

The Assessor’s office facilitates applications for the Farm discount, which should be completed between July 1st and September 1st each year. This discount is available to landowners using their property for farming purposes. If the farm’s acreage is less than 5 acres, a minimum of $500 in cash sales of agricultural products is required. For farms with 5 acres or more, at least $1,000 in sales, use, or consumption of agricultural products is necessary to qualify for the discount.

Homestead Exemption

The Assessor’s office assists the citizens of Putnam County in applying for the Homestead Exemption. Under West Virginia code, a homestead exemption allows for a reduction of the first Twenty Thousand Dollars ($20,000) in assessed value. To qualify, the property must be exclusively used for residential purposes and occupied by the owner who is either 65 years of age or older or certified as permanently and totally disabled. If an individual meets these requirements and will turn 65 before June 30th of the following year, they are eligible to sign up for the exemption. The enrollment period for the Homestead Exemption is from July 1st to December 1st and can be done at the assessor’s office.


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