Prioritizing Transparency, Collaboration, and Effective Governance

Amidst our 55 counties, each with its distinct identity, the state’s management is entrusted to elected County Commissions. This dynamic structure guarantees a resilient system dedicated to meeting the diverse requirements of our residents, embodying our steadfast commitment to excellence in governance.

Stay informed about important developments, initiatives, and events happening in our county. We regularly share updates on projects, policies, and community engagements to keep you in the loop.

Meet The

County Commissioners

Andy Skidmore

Republican, term expires 2024

Putnam County Health Board
Regional Intergovernmental Council
Workforce WV Board
Putnam County Animal Shelter Board

Brian Ellis

Republican, term expires 2026

Putnam County Community Criminal Justice
/Day Reporting Board
Putnam County Development Authority Board
Putnam County Planning Board

Steve Deweese

Republican, term expires 2028

Putnam County Transportation Committee
Putnam County Parks & Recreation Board
Putnam County Fire Service Board

Public Meetings

Public Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 9:00 am and the last Tuesday of each month at 5:00 pm.

The Putnam County Commission meetings are now being streamed to YouTube

Search for “Putnam County Commission WV” or Click Here

Board of Review & Equalization

Putnam County Board of Review and Equalization hearings are held throughout the month of February by appointment only scheduled through the County Commission office.

Duties of this Office

In West Virginia, the heart of local governance lies within the County Commission. These dedicated individuals are elected county-wide, serving six-year terms to ensure continuity and effective decision-making. With a commitment to transparency, the County Commission convenes regularly to address the diverse spectrum of county affairs. Although state law mandates at least four meetings per year, the commitment to service often leads them to gather monthly, and in many cases, even weekly. All official meetings are convened within the courthouse complex and are open to the public, reflecting the Commission’s dedication to accountability and inclusivity.

Recreation Enhancement Fund

Learn more about the Stephen A. Andes Recreation Enhancement Fund Application. The Putnam County Commission awards grants to governmental entities (municipalities) and non-profit organizations within Putnam County (excluding municipalities that currently receive hotel/motel tax revenue) to enhance recreational and tourism opportunities in Putnam County.

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