Civil Court

Civil Petition:

$200.00 to file plus service.
If there are multiple Defendants, there is a fee of $15 each. For example, if there are three (3) Defendants listed on the petition, the filing fee would be $245.00 plus service. However, if there is just one Defendant, the filing fee will be $200.00 plus service.

Counterclaim, Cross-Claim, Third Party Complaint, and Motion to Intervene


Appeal to Circuit Court


Name Change Petition




Civil Infant Guardianship


Medical Malpractice

$400.00 to file plus service.


If a criminal charge has been dismissed, there is no filing fee. If there was a criminal conviction, there is a $200.00 filing fee.


$110.00 to file plus $25.00 check to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department for service.

Family Court


$135.00 to file plus service.
If there are children involved, there is a mandatory parenting class that must be taken which is $25.00.

Child Custody with No Divorce

$200.00 plus service.

Modification of a Family Court Order

$85.00 plus service.

Expedited Modification of Child Support

(due to a sudden change of income): $35.00 plus service.

Family Infant Guardianship


Service Fees

Service by Certified Restricted Mail


Service by Sheriff

$25.00 for WV Sheriff Department Process Servers
A check must be made payable to the Sheriff’s Department for this service type. If the party you wish to serve is out of state, you must contact the County Sheriff’s Department in which that party resides to obtain a filing fee and mailing address.

Secretary of State

$25.00 Total
$20 in cash to the Clerk’s Office and $5 check to the WVSOS

Bond Fees

Posting of a Criminal Bond


Processing of a Bail Piece

If the Defendant is not following the conditions of bond set forth by the Court, the person(s) who posted property or cash may request for a bail piece to be issued. There is a $10 processing fee and the person(s) on the Justification of Surety must be present in the Circuit Clerk’s Office with their photo ID. Once the bail piece is issued, the person(s) must surrender the Defendant to the Regional Jail. Until there is an executed bail piece signed by a Correctional Officer, the bond will still be a lien against the property posted.

Other Fees


$1.00 per page

Fax Copies

$2.00 per page


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