e-Recording: Electronic Recording of Land Records

What is e-Recording?

The Putnam County Clerk’s Office is now able to accept documents electronically.

eRecording is the electronic recording of land records documents. It’s the process by which they are transmitted via the Internet to our office for official recording via a facilitator company.

What are the benefits of e-Recording?

  • Documents are recorded in minutes
  • Increases effectiveness and efficiency
  • Shorten the recording gap
  • Receive and re-submit rejected documents in a fraction of a time
  • Get documents into the public record faster

How do I e-Record documents?

You may contract with one of our current registered electronic recording facilitators. E-recording facilitators transmit data for electronic recording along with payment of all applicable taxes and fees.

CSC eRecording Solutions

Email: erecording@cscglobal.com
Phone: (866) 652-0111
Website: www.erecording.com


Brian Kilfoyle Regional Sales Director
Office Phone Auto Attendant: (844) 356-6745 ext.1032
Mobile / Text: (508) 878-1271
Email: bkilfoyle@simplifile.com
Reception / Support: (800) 460-5657
Website: www.simplifile.com

Is eRecording mandatory for the filling of all land records?

No, WV law gives us permission to accept eRecorded documents but does not allow us to mandate them.


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