Dilapidated & Abandoned Enforcement Agency

The Putnam County Commission has identified a significant problem of deteriorated and abandoned structures scattered across the county, posing safety and health risks. To address these concerns, the Commission has established regulations governing the repair, modification, enhancement, abandonment, closure, elimination, or demolition of structures deemed unsafe or unsanitary, as well as the removal of waste and debris on privately owned land. The primary objective is to safeguard the public from the perils associated with unsafe structures, unsanitary conditions, waste, and debris.

The Putnam County Dilapidated and Abandoned Enforcement Agency comprises the following individuals: the county engineer (or another qualified technical county employee or consulting engineer); the county health officer or their delegate; a fire chief from a county fire company; two members at large, appointed by the County Commission for two-year terms; and the Sheriff, who serves in their official capacity and is responsible for enforcing the County Commission’s directives as per this Ordinance.

The Enforcement Agency holds the duty of mandating the removal of any unoccupied or unused dwelling, non-farm structure, building, or any associated remnants, along with the clearance of waste or debris on all privately owned lands, except for structures utilized for agricultural purposes on actively farmed land. This directive applies to any accumulation of waste or debris caused by either natural forces or human activities, provided it poses a safety or health hazard.


  • David Coll
  • Bobby Eggleton
  • Charity Fellure
  • Brett Hodgdon
  • Nick King
  • John Smoot

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