Safe Schools Initiative

The Prosecuting Attorney announces a Safe Schools Initiative, that has been recently undertaken by the Prosecuting attorney’s Office, and by Putnam County Law Enforcement Agencies.

Putnam County law enforcement has addressed safe school plans in the past, in order to prepare for the possibility of responding to an act of violence that may happen in a Putnam County School. The current Safe Schools Initiative is designed to renew attention to safe schools preparation in order to ensure that all steps are being taken to make our schools as safe as possible.

The Initiative began in August of 2006 when Investigators from the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office began visiting local schools to update information regarding the floor plans of the schools and to meet with administrators to discuss school safety. A committee has been formed by the Prosecuting Attorneys Office that has representatives of Putnam Law Enforcement Agencies. The Committee will be working on the following objectives:

      1. Address the concept of planning for a coordinated law enforcement response to an act of school violence.
      2. Address the concept of planning for a coordinated law enforcement response to an act of school violence, that takes into consideration and incorporates Putnam County Schools safe school plans and administrative procedures.
      3. Ensure that current tactical information is available to law enforcement regarding the designs and floor plans of Putnam County Schools.
      4. Incorporate other emergency service agencies and organizations into safe school planning, such as emergency medical services and volunteer fire departments, to ensure a coordinated response to a school incident.
      5. Provide training to school personnel and law enforcement, and emergency service personnel to familiarize them with safe school plans, so they can all be prepared to respond to a school emergency if the need should arise.
      6. Provide training to law enforcement and school personnel regarding the signs or characteristics of individuals or students, that may pose a threat to school safety, and form a communication network to ensure that information about potential threats is shared with law enforcement agencies and schools.
      7. Provide information and training to the community, and to students regarding the need to report information to authorities about potential threats to school safety.
      8. Conduct a review and study regarding how current technology can be utilized to enhance school safety, such as advanced security systems and camera surveillance of common areas in and around schools.

Putnam County School Officials have been very receptive and are working with Law Enforcement to ensure that the initiative is successful. The Prosecuting Attorneys Office will be using its website to post progress that is being made by the committee and will be providing other useful information concerning how to keep our schools safe.


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