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In order to protect the rights of victims of crime, Prosecuting Attorney Mark Sorsaia established a Victim Services Division in 1997. The purpose of this Division is to inform victims and state witnesses about their legal rights, and about the procedures that will be used to prosecute the cases in which they are involved. Various forms of assistance are provided to victims of crime through this program. The Victim Services Division of Putnam County has been an extremely successful program, and has received statewide recognition. The program is funded by the West Virginia Division of Justice and Community Services and with the support and assistance of the Putnam County Commission.

The Victim Services Division will provide the following services to Victims of Crime:


Previously, a common problem concerning victims of crime was that they were not informed about the status of a criminal case, dates of hearings, or how the case was to be handled in the court system.

The Victim Services Division was created to keep victims informed. The Victim Services Coordinators will give notice of all court hearing dates, trial dates, and possible plea agreements. They also serve as a liaison between the victim and the prosecuting attorney. The Victim Services Coordinator will express the victim’s feelings regarding how the case should be prosecuted and resolved.


The Victim Services Coordinators will provide assistance in preparing documents and organizing information that may be needed in a criminal case, such as medical bills or property damage estimates for victim restitution.

They will also assist with completing the Crime Victim Compensation Fund form when applicable, and aid the victim in writing a Victim Impact Statement. This statement is a victim’s opportunity to express to the Judge how the crime has affected their life. One of the most important ways the Coordinators can assist is by accompanying the victim to court and to consultations with the prosecuting attorneys.


The Victim Services Coordinator will provide information about support agencies and services that are applicable to a victim’s particular situation.

The Victim Services Division will provide the following services to Victims of Crime:

The Victim Services Coordinators may NOT give legal advice.

      • The Victims Services Coordinator may assist a victim if there are safety concerns. Pending trial, most defendants are released on bond or on “their own personal recognizance.” NOTIFY local law enforcement or the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney IMMEDIATELY if you feel threatened, intimidated, or harassed because of your involvement in a criminal case. Under state law, intimidation of a witness can be prosecuted as a crime.
      • If you are contacted by the defendant’s lawyer or by an investigator for the defendant, it is your right to discuss OR refuse to discuss the case. If you do choose to be interviewed, be careful in your discussions and only make truthful statements, as any statement made during the interview that conflicts with your testimony in court could be used to discredit your testimony. It would be unethical for any agent of the state to try to influence you by urging you not to talk with a defense attorney or their investigator. This ethics rule exists because they have the right to collect information that may be helpful in preparing their defense.
      • You are permitted to discuss the case with either party; prosecution, defense, or both. However, USE CAUTION! If you are uncomfortable with any person regarding the case, immediately contact the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney. In a free and open society, the public should be kept informed of current events. Media interviews in criminal cases can have the effect of creating pretrial publicity that may have an impact on the case, such as issues concerning a change of venue.

If you have any questions about giving a media interview, please contact the Victim Services Division or the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

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Domestic Violence

The Victim Services Division is always focused on crimes of domestic violence. If you are a victim of domestic violence, please use this website to gain valuable information.

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