Mission, Vision, and Values of the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office.

Putnam County Sheriff Officer

The mission, vision, and values of an organization form the very essence of its identity, serving as the foundational elements that unify and drive it forward. The ability to effectively communicate these fundamental principles is a crucial step in establishing a strong consensus among employees and stakeholders who are invested in the organization’s success. When employees truly grasp these guiding principles, they are empowered to make informed decisions.

Departments that wholeheartedly embrace the organization’s mission, vision, and values are inherently motivated by these principles as they strive to achieve the organization’s objectives. In the pursuit of organizational excellence, unwavering commitment to these core tenets is essential for all employees and stakeholders alike.

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office exemplifies such commitment as a community-based law enforcement organization.

Our Core Values


Fairness in the treatment of others: “The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office shall treat all persons with dignity and respect.”


Responsive to the needs of the citizens: “The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office shall seek to respond to the needs of citizens through the delivery of high-quality law enforcement services.”


Dedicated to the pursuit of justice: “The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office shall aggressively enforce the criminal laws of the State of West Virginia in an effort to see that the high principles of justice are upheld and maintained.”

Honesty & Integrity

Honesty and integrity: “The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, through the actions of all employees, shall conduct the work of the office in a manner that is consistent with the highest ethical standards of honesty and personal integrity.”

Professional Development

Professional development: “The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office recognizes the values and importance of all employees and is committed to providing a workplace environment where all employees can work to realize their full professional potential.”


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