In the Line of Duty

Deputy Sheriff Jonathan Dwayne Janey

Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, West Virginia

End of Watch: Thursday, August 17, 1989

Deputy Jonathan Janey was shot and killed while conducting a stakeout at a residence believed to be the target of an arson. At approximately 1:15 am he observed a suspect enter the house with two one-gallon jugs. Deputy Janey moved to the side of the house and observed the man inside spreading the contents of the jugs on the floor. The suspect spotted Deputy Janey and fled out of the rear of the house. Deputy Janey gave chase and was able to catch the suspect and put one handcuff on him.

The man then spun around and struck Deputy Janey in the head with the handcuff, pulled a .357 caliber handgun from the front of his waste band, and shot Deputy Janey twice in the chest. As Deputy Janey lay on the ground the suspect then shot him once more in the head. The suspect was apprehended and sentenced to life. He was denied parole on October 25, 2011.

Deputy Janey had served with the agency for 9 years. He was survived by his parents, sister, brother, two nieces, and a nephew.

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Non Work-Related Accidents

CPL. J. Clinton McCallister

Unit 37
Putnam County Deputy Sheriff

From February 2, 1987, until he died of unrelated work injuries on April 26, 1995. Clinton is survived by his daughter Amber McCallister.

Deputy L.E. “Eddie” Miller

Unit 35
Putnam County Deputy Sheriff

From October 15, 2003, until he died of unrelated work injuries on December 5, 2006. Eddie is survived by his parents, Eddie & Selena Miller.


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