Mapping & Addressing

History of Mapping & Addressing

The Statewide Addressing and Mapping project started back in 1999 when Congressman Rahall organized a meeting between several 911 directors and the West Virginia congressional delegation to discuss the development of a Statewide Addressing and Mapping project. At this time, a committee was appointed to develop the project and Verizon WV agreed to fund it through their new Incentive Regulation Plan (IRP) with the West Virginia Public Service Commission.

In 2001, the Statewide Addressing and Mapping Board (WVSAMB) was established with the passage of legislation introduced by the West Virginia E-911 Council, Senate Bill 460. Then, in 2007, House Bill 2525 was passed and the board received an additional three (3) years to complete their work pursuant to the provisions of Article Ten, Chapter Four of the WV State Code.

Since 2008, the West Virginia Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM) has been the home of the statewide addressing and mapping project. The division plays a key role in the E-911 addressing and database development by providing vital resources and support to counties and municipalities through the production of cartographic output that supports additional fieldwork and field edits.

Presently, some counties are working on completing the addressing and mapping project while others are in maintenance mode, which allows them to continuously update and provide the latest information to DHSEM.

Current Mapping & Addressing Status

As of mid-2014, Putnam County has completed its countywide readdressing and moved into maintenance mode. The postal service has sent letters to every physical address with information concerning the issuance of the new 911 address. If someone did not receive a letter or needs an updated letter with their correct address, one can be picked up at the 911 Mapping and Addressing office located at 100 Emergency Lane, Winfield, WV.

Everyone needs to know and use their new address when calling 911. This will help because the new addressing plays a big role in emergency responders being able to locate callers faster.

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